Who Knew?

Studies show that the discipline of gratitude makes us 25% happier.  Who knew? Those who went before us in the scriptures knew.  From the Old Testament and throughout we see God’s people giving thanks.  Jesus knew.  He gave thanks and encouraged others to do the same.

Gratitude is not just a November thing…it is a daily discipline.  One that has the power to make us healthier…body, mind, and spirit.

I challenged the little ones in Children’s Church to give thanks.  Even told them that at meal times they should lead their families in a time of thanksgiving.  Asking each one to tell something they are thankful for.

The little one with the pigtails takes me at my word. 

The family goes to lunch and she says,

“Mrs. Stacy says that we should go around the table and tell one thing we want for Christmas and one thing we are thankful for.” 

God, thank you for that little one and the laughter she brought me today.

We are developing this discipline of gratitude with the children on Wednesdays as well.  Each class making a list…our goal is 1000 things by the end of the year.

Won’t you join us in the challenge?  Thirty days of giving thanks for what God has done.  Make a list, have a family meal, or post it to our facebook page.

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