What Am I Giving Jesus?

What am I giving Jesus for His birthday? Good question…
Well, let’s see… I can’t give a life like the life He gave me and others who choose to follow Him. I can’t create a believing, living, growing person like He gave me a chance to become over the decades living on Father God’s earth. I can’t create the Scriptures His Spirit inspired within those who preserved the Word for the rest of us to study while we wait prayerfully for His return.
So, what is it I can do to honor His Birthday?
I can strive to become more like Him every day… I can love my neighbors with my prayers and presence… I can serve others with the gifts and opportunities God has blessed my life with… and I can witness by leading others to study the Scriptures and by repenting of my own sins.
My prayer is that these are the kind of gifts that would honor the Baby Jesus on His Birthday. Are they enough of a gift to honor the birthday of our Lord and Savior??
God only Knows!
Carol Meyers
Father God, inspire me to give my all for Your Son.

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