The Way of Wisdom: Proverbs 17

Today we read Proverbs 17. (Click on the link to read the verses.)

Better a dry crust eaten in peace
than a house filled with feasting and conflict.–vs. 1

Have you ever attended a feast where conflict took over?  The tone of the occasion… not so good, and all of the wonderful food to be enjoyed… well it doesn’t taste nearly as good as it should.

Starting a quarrel is like opening a floodgate,
so stop before a dispute breaks out.–vs. 14

Oh I can see it! Like the scene of a movie, or our own reality for some of us: One dispute is brought to the table… the floodgate has been opened… and the rest pour out. Any chance for peace has been washed right out of the house.

And if there is any doubt whether or not there is room for quarreling at your table:

 Anyone who loves to quarrel loves sin…–vs. 19

I pray that each of us is able to approach the upcoming holidays with peace, love, and understanding. That we can lavish those around us with the same grace that our Father pours out on us daily. That we can treasure the gift of peace, and enjoy the feast. Amen

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