The Promise of Coming

Years ago when I was very young, I learned an important lesson from my mother’s friend, Mrs. T. They had been friends for a long time. I liked Mrs. T. very much. I recall that she and my mother spent many times “delivering” things. I was curious. When I’m curious I ask questions. But I never got the answers, at least not then.

Several years later Mrs. T. became very ill with cancer and died. Even at my young age, that someone very special had died. Then my mother told me about the deliveries of food, new clothing and bedding, medicine, and toys for the children to people everyone else had by-passed or simply never looked for. Mrs. T. was tireless in her search for those who needed help and hope. She provided her deliveries from her own resources. She was, in fact, a practicing Christian. It isn’t an unusual story. Christians throughout the world give themselves every day.

Gradually, I realized that Christian love and caring bring “Christmas” every day. In the years before Jesus’ birth, the world prayed for his coming, for the prophecy to be fulfilled. The promise of his coming sustained them. He came and he is here now. If we truly wish to abolish the anger, violence, and fear from the world we live in, we must search for the peace. It will come true when we actively share the peace. It will come true when we actively share the reality of Christ. We can turn the world around beginning in our own time and place. It is the only solution.

Mrs. T. knew that.

Ruth Alexander–1992

Father God, show me the ones who’ve been by-passed by others,
those who need help and need to know Your love and care.
Use me to show Your love to others. 
Help me to bring Christmas every day.
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