The Gift of Joy Received with Love

Oh, Lord Jesus, You bring me joy and happiness every day. Just knowing You are walking with me inspires me to be all I can. 
Remember that day so many years ago when You reached me and I listened? I opened the Bible given to me by a friend. You were there with me, as I began reading. I needed change in my life. I didn’t know where to begin, You inspired my heart to JUST READ. So I did. It was so confusing, what did it all mean? You said JUST READ. So I did. Several days I sat and read and I began seeing change in me, my heart, my thoughts, my actions. Thank You.
You have brought so much joy. More than I could imagine. Amazingly, one day You brought me an infant. Her birth was beautiful, she was precious. Her biological mother was my angel and I hers. We all know the hand You played in this journey and are forever grateful. My daughter truly is a gift from You.
This year for Your birthday I give You love. Words are easy to say. Some days go by and I just barely speak to You. As I stand here today I give to You all my love. I will show my love to You in prayer, through my heart and with action. I vow not to miss a day. I see You every day in my life. Some days I just keep walking and doing my own thing. That, my Lord, will change.
The loss of a dear one this year created distance in my walk with You. I’m sorry for that. My pity trip is over. I am Yours Lord, heal me.
I will obey your decrees.
   Please don’t give up on me!
Psalm 119:8
Renita Pontenberg

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