The Donkey’s View by Rev. Bonnie Osteen

I am a donkey. Why I was not specifically mentioned in the story about the journey to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary, I just don’t understand. I have been there for other important events, which are recorded in the Bible, and I was there for the birth of Jesus. Even if you think Mary walked the entire trip, surely you would acknowledge that I would be near the manger. I was there.

You remember when Abraham and Isaac went to that dreaded moment? I was there (Genesis 22:5). Abigail and her servants met King David with lots of food and drink, that I carried (1Samuel 25:18-20). I was there when Caleb and his daughter Achsah were part of the agreement that became the inheritance of the tribe of the people of Judah (Joshua 15:18). Oh, and one time God actually allowed me to speak (Numbers 22:28-30). That was surprising! And my future, is part of your past, so you already know I eventually carried Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:7). And there are many other times I was mentioned in God’s holy Word. Google it!

But I digress. Wow, was I ever tired. I had lovingly carried Mary, under the watchful eye of Joseph. He spoke such tender words to her, and encouraged me to be careful around the dangerous parts of the trail. I was actually glad there were no rooms for Mary and Joseph. I would not have wanted to miss the blessed event for anything in the world. There are not enough “brays” to express the experience. I got down on my knees. Everyone was way too busy to notice me over in the corner, but if they had, they would have seen tears of joy rolling off my cheekbone. God sent his precious Son, Jesus Christ, to save the world. I did not know what that meant, but I knew the moment was life-changing.

I wonder, are you tired? Do you feel forgotten or invisible to others? Or maybe you have been on a dangerous trail. Take it from me! Wherever you have been and wherever you are going, Jesus Christ is with you. During this time of the year, when we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, remember all the times you have said Yes to Christ, to be a servant, a disciple. Happy Trails.

Lord, thank you for allowing me the eyes and heart to see you and experience you, in spite of myself. I pray specifically for those who are looking for you and that you will bless their travel. Amen.

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