The Challenge — Day 88

Today’s Scripture: Luke 4:1-30
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Have you ever been on a retreat or trip… some experience that changed you in some way? “Then Jesus, filled with the Spirit returned to Galilee…” Jesus must have felt changed on the inside. He had defeated temptation and been filled in a new way. Still the people of his home town didn’t get it. To them he was the same ole Jesus. He was rejected by those he had grown up with, worked with, hung out with. They would have killed him that day…

How do you deal with rejection? Does it scare you so bad you refuse to take risks… make you angry and bitter? Do you just keep going?

Take a look around your community today. Are there people and places that seem rejected? Pray for them.

Lord, when I feel rejected for following You, remind me it is an opportunity to identify with You. When I am tempted to reject others or come across those who have been rejected, remind me those are the ones You came to save. 

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