The Challenge — Day 80

Today’s Scripture: Luke 1:1-25
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Go with me for a minute. I have seen this story on many children’s videos. Most are very good and they depict Zechariah coming out of the sanctuary and writing down what he experienced so others could understand. What I realized today is… probably… most likely… that didn’t happen. Times were different. Homes didn’t have a dozen ball point pens and scraps of paper lying everywhere. Many didn’t read… or write.

Now imagine Zechariah coming out of the sanctuary with no way to communicate. Going home and spending nine months in silence. Some call it punishment, and it was a consequence of his unbelief, still I wonder what listening all those months revealed to him.

How well do you listen to others… to God?

Purpose to listen more than you talk today.

Father God, teach me to be a good listener.
No longer finishing other’s sentences,
or putting together my own response in my mind
when I haven’t even heard all they have to say.
Put a guard over my mouth today.
Open my ears so I can hear.

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