The Challenge — Day 78

Today’s Scripture: Mark 15:21-47
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Just before His crucifixion, Jesus refused the drink that would have lessened His pain. He suffered to the fullest for our sins.

Jesus and two thieves were nailed to their crosses about nine o’clock in the morning. By late afternoon, He voluntarily gave up His Spirit. He breathed His last.

No doubt some of those who came to Jerusalem to keep Passover were forever changed by Jesus’ death on the cross. Simon of Cyrene, for one, was forced to carry the cross for Jesus. How might this experience have changed him?

What has His death on the cross meant to your personal relationship with God?

Father God, without the death of Jesus I could not have a personal relationship with You. Please, don’t let me take this truth lightly or complacently. Remind me over and over of the great price You paid so You and I could be close. Stir my heart, open my eyes to the emptiness of the worldly things I pursue. You alone satisfy the void in my life. You alone are my source of life.
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