The Challenge — Day 76

Today’s Scripture: Mark 14:51-72
[Read the passage in your Bible or click the above reference to read online.]

When the testimony against Jesus did not seem to stand up, the high priest asked Jesus bluntly if He was the Son of God. Jesus clearly answered, “I am.” The men who rejected Jesus called His response blasphemy. They condemned Him of being worthy of death.

It was not until the rooster crowed that Peter realized what he had done — he even cursed to be more convincing that he was not acquainted with Jesus. Peter wept bitter tears when faced with himself.

What is your impression of the Message of promise from God? Are you willing to put your trust in Him and live a life of loving service to God? Is your faith more intellectual assent to facts or a heart faith response to God Himself?

Jesus, Your message made some so mad they killed You,
and even those who believed had moments of fear and doubt.
Help me to see myself in both the chief priests and Peter.
Where do You make me angry?
What about You makes me want to run?
I really do want real faith. Real understanding.
Grow me in Your grace.

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