The Challenge — Day 69

Today’s Scripture: Mark 11:12-33
[Click the reference above to read the passage online.]

Jesus likened the fig tree to the nation of Israel. It was producing no fruit. It’s spiritual roots were dead.

The scribes, elders, and chief priests grew increasingly angry at what Jesus was doing and saying. Instead of repenting they wanted to challenge His authority and destroy Him. They were not ready to receive Jesus and trust Him.

Will we become aware of our lack of fruit and change to become more fruitful?
What keeps you from submitting to God’s will?

Lord, pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness
often keep me from repentance and surrender to Your will.
Reveal what’s keeping me from producing fruit for Your kingdom. 
Prepare my heart to receive Your truth. 
Grow my spiritual roots deep into Your Word.

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