The Challenge — Day 67

Today’s Scripture: Mark 10:17-34
[Click the Scripture reference above, if you don’t have a Bible near.]

The rich young man asked what he could do to inherit eternal life. Even though moral and honest, there must have been a restlessness in his soul. Jesus instructed him to give away his wealth and follow the Lord, but he turned away. How unlike a trusting child.

When Jesus and the disciples moved on toward Jerusalem, they maneuvered to gain preferred places in Jesus’s coming Kingdom. They still did not seem to understand the concept of servanthood as disciples of Jesus, but desired to rule over others by power.

Is it difficult for us to turn away from our need to be in control through trust in wealth or power and put all our trust in God? Do you have the faith of a child?

Lord Jesus, bless me with childlike faith.

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