The Challenge–Day 6

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 5:17-37
(Don’t have a bible close?  Just click on the reference to read the scripture.)

Jesus, the fulfillment of the law. The only One who fully walked in it, is the only One who can truly teach it.

He teaches:
Anger and insults, the same as murder.
Lust, the same as adultery.
Saying Yes or No, the same as an oath.

He opens up the Ten Commandments and reveals the heart behind the law.

The heart of the law, in turn, reveals our own hearts.

Where do you need Him to change your heart? Where do you need to repent?

Father God, thank You for sending Jesus to teach us the heart behind the Law.
Bless me with a teachable heart and the willingness to let You live through me.
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