The Challenge–Day 43

Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 26:17-35
(Click on the link to read the scripture.)

It’s easy to judge the betrayer. How could he after being in the presence of God? Why did he betray the one he had followed for some time? It’s always easier to judge someone else’s sin instead of deal with our own.

Imagine yourself as the betrayer. What sin in your life is moving Jesus toward the cross?

Lord Jesus, forgive me for my judgment of others’ sin,
while being blind to my own through justification,
pride, and arrogance. No matter my sin, selfishness is at the root.
Wanting to live my life, my way.

You gave thanks for Your Body, which You’d been given
to sacrifice on behalf of others.
You gave thanks for the blood You’d been given
to pour out for the forgiveness of all sin.
Move my heart, to be thankful for all You’ve given me to use,
not for myself, but for others in Your name.

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