The Challenge–Day 42

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 26:1-16
(Click on the link to read today’s verses.)

We often have the disciples’ attitude of self-righteousness. They thought they knew a better way to use the ointment poured out. Their minds were already thinking of a financial plan that would have helped many with one alabaster jar.

Do you find yourself thinking you know a better way… even telling others how to do it better? Is it possible that our “better ways” are not Jesus’ way?

Father God, You sent Jesus to not only save us but to show us the right way to live.
Teach me to see and do things the way He does, even when it challenges my
worldly sensibilities. Help me to recognize when I am offended by His Way 
or by those who are living as He showed us. 
I want to live the best way… His Way.

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