The Challenge–Day 41

Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 25:14-16
(Click on the link to read the scripture.)

When was the last time you fed the hungry, clothed the naked… welcomed a stranger? As followers of Christ we are called to serve the “least of these.” Honestly, sometimes my attitude about this is not that great. Sort of like following the rule you don’t really want to follow.

Recently, my business partner and I were praying for guidance on a particular situation. We were asking God to bless another business because of a debt they owed us. Its the beginning of the week and we’ve been considering our next step when my partner says, “We’ve been praying for God to bless it… and we’re the ones who get to do the blessing by forgiving the debt! Isn’t that awesome. I’m so excited!”

In that moment I realized something about myself. Giving, serving, loving, caring, blessing the least is not a duty but a PRIVILEGE! 

Today let’s take that privilege to our home, work places, community… world.

Lord, open my eyes to the least of these,
their needs, and the privilege You’ve given me 
to be a blessing to others in Your name.
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