The Challenge–Day 30

Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 19:16-30
(Click on the link to read today’s verses.)

When I have chapel with the kids at Readiness School each week there is only one topic that can turn happy friends to fierce rivals… who is going to be the line leader! In the car line of mini-Methodists there is a sibling duo who bolts to their car the minute I say go. It is a contest to see who gets to be in front. Yelling “shotgun” is a term children use all the time to claim the front seat.

Being first is our nature and many times we are willing to do whatever it takes to be the line leader. But Jesus said, “the first will be last… the last first”. What does wanting to be first really say about our hearts? 

Choose to be last today. Open the door for those behind you… let someone cut in line at the grocery store… take the parking spot farthest from the door. According to Jesus learning to be last just might put you in front.

Lord, humble me today.
Teach me to live and love
Your upside down ways.

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