The Challenge — Day 151

Today’s Scripture: John 10:1-21
[No Bible near? Click reference to read online.]

… He calls His own sheep by name…
… He goes before them…
… the sheep follow…
… they know His voice…

God calls His people by name.

Have you heard Him call your name?
Have you seen Him go before you?
Did you follow?
Do you know His voice?

I remember sitting in a Bible study, many years ago, I don’t remember the lesson or Scripture being taught, but what I do remember was an older gentleman in the class saying: I wouldn’t trust anyone who said they heard God speak to them.

This was early in my walk with God and this man’s remark clearly startled me. I thought: That’s me he’s talking about. Isn’t every Believer supposed to hear God speak to them?

Yes, I heard God call me. And since He’s called me, I’ve continued to follow, grateful He leads the way. Thankful that He speaks to me.

Do you know His voice?
It’s an important question to consider.
It’s the only way to follow.

Father God, there are many voices in this world.
I want to hear Yours above all.

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