The Challenge — Day 142

Today’s Scripture: John 6:1-21
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The feeding of the five-thousand. We know this story, but have you ever tested Him in this truth: God takes the very little we have and multiplies it to more than enough?

He doesn’t just multiply food, I believe He multiplies whatever resource we have need of for the work He’s calling us to do. Whether we need more talent, money, time, whatever… if we receive what He’s given with thanks, He will provide more than enough.

My need lately has been time. Recently, feeling very pressed with all He’s calling me to do in this season. I must confess, I didn’t really see how all would get done. I was at the limits of my faith. It was making me grumpy.

Through my bad attitude, He revealed my unbelief. So, I confessed, repented, and went about trusting Him. And what I discovered, was what the disciples discovered, leftovers…

As I came to the point of my most recent deadline, everything done, some time to spare, this story came to mind. I thought about the disciples, who began with very little to feed the hungry crowd, they felt the pressure Jesus put on them to provide bread for the people. But afterward, when they gathered twelve baskets of leftovers, I’m sure they stood there wondering, Now what do we do with all this?

I felt the same way in that moment. Just standing wondering what to do with the leftover time…

Test Him for yourself. Exercise your faith, stretch its limits. If He’s called you to something that feels way too big for the resources you have, say Thanks, obey, and watch what He will do. Be ready to wonder at the abundance…

Father God, forgive me for the times I’ve shied away from Your call
because of a fear of scarcity. Forgive me for my lack of faith.
Bless me with opportunities to exercise trust in You.
Increase my faith.

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