The Challenge — Day 141

Today’s Scripture: John 5:19-47
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“For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life,
so also the Son gives life to whom he will. …”
John 5:21 ESV

Father God raises the dead and gives them life… the Father has life in himself… He is the Creator of life. His Son has the same power.
All people, in their sin, are doomed to die. Jesus came by the Father’s will to make the way for all to move from death to eternal life. Those who believe, who receive His gift of grace, become His children — heirs to the same power as Jesus — they too are called to enter into the business of life.
God the Father wants all His children to be about His business of raising the dead to life, according to His will. 
Sharing the message of the gospel, knowing His truth, and living it out spreads life wherever we go. When we find discouraged Believers in the church, we need to remind them of the life they’ve been called to through encouragement and intercessory prayer. If something has died in our own life, we need to take our concerns and wounded hearts to Him. Allow Him to resurrect our hope and faith.
God calls all His children into the family business of resurrection. Open your heart to Him, be obedient, bring life. It’s what you’re called to do in Christ Jesus.
Where are you bringing life these days?
What dead things are you a part of resurrecting?
Are you bringing life to your community of Believers?
Are you living the abundant life promised?
Father God, open my eyes to the places where death has a foothold,
the places where You call me to bring life. Bless me with the faith,
hope, courage, and life to do all You call me to do.
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