The Challenge — Day 133

Today’s scripture: John 1:19-51
[If you don’t have a Bible within reach, click the reference above to read online.]

Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them,
“What are you seeking?”
John 1:38 ESV
As a follower of Jesus, What are you seeking?

Hear Jesus ask you this same question. How would you answer Him?
Some of us are seeking peace and security through 401Ks and IRAs.
Some through the perfect relationship or accomplishment.
What are you seeking?

Those following Jesus answered by saying: Rabbi, where are you staying?

These followers wanted to be with Jesus. They wanted to know where He was staying. They called Him Rabbi, which means Teacher, they wanted to be taught by Him.
What are you seeking?

Jesus said, Come and you will see.

Remember, Jesus reveals God to us as the Word made flesh. Today, I see God as the one who invites those who are seeking Him to come and see.
He is a God waiting and willing to show us His wonders and teach us His ways, all we have to do is seek them.
Consider if He has shown you anything recently. Has He blessed you with revelation of His Word? Or revealed the root issue of a particular struggle in your life?
If you feel like He’s been keeping you in the dark, perhaps you’re seeking in the wrong places. Because when we seek Him, desire to live our lives in Him, He will invite you: Come and see.

Father God, You know what my heart is truly seeking,
You know where I’m distracted by the things of this world.
Today, I choose to seek You and Your way. 
Show me the way…

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