The Challenge — Day 127

Today’s Scripture: Luke 23:1-25
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Again, they mistreat Jesus for no reason. Again, they find no evidence of guilt. Again, Jesus gives no answer. There is no making sense of this scene. There’s a lot of non-sense in our world…

…the suffering of children doesn’t make sense…
…or friends getting sick…
…doesn’t make sense when storms rage and tear…
…or floods drown out the living…

No sense at all, in my opinion. So what do we do when we just can’t make sense out of all the senseless? Jesus had it right. Sometimes no answer will ever make sense or help others understand. Sometimes it is best to remain quiet in the face of a crowd of hard hearts. It doesn’t really fit our nature. We like to debate and argue. We want others to see it our way, but sometimes… it’s sense-less to argue.

Is there something you wish someone would see your way? Is it hard for you to let it go? Maybe now is the time to ask God for help… help you to embrace the quiet of no answer at all.

Father God, bless me with the wisdom to know
when to give no answer to the senseless.
Bless me with the strength to keep silence, when necessary.
Bless me with the faith to see You at work in the middle
of all the non-sense around me.

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