The Challenge — Day 118

Today’s Scripture: Luke 19:11-27
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Each slave had the same master. He seemed to agree that he was harsh… reaping where he did not sow. Each slave had the same opportunity. Now go with me for a minute as I stretch this a little. I believe each slave had to deal with fear. Who wouldn’t be scared of this kind of master? Even though the first two probably had some fear they took courage. The third slave allowed fear to reign in his life. Fear drove him to wrap the pound up and do nothing… nothing… nothing.

Fear has this paralyzing way about it. Seeps into your bones and takes root and can freeze us in our tracks. It keeps us trapped in a nothing world… being nothing… doing nothing. God’s word says time and time again, “Do not be afraid.”

What are you afraid of in your life? What would happen if you let go of the fear and chose courage this day?

Lord, reveal the areas in my life where I’m paralyzed by fear,
but am deceiving myself with excuses. You have prepared and 
empowered me to serve You through Your Holy Spirit.
Bless me with the courage and faith to serve You boldly
at home, in church, at work, and through relationships.
I want to increase what You’ve given me for Your glory.

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