The Challenge — Day 114

Today’s Scripture: Luke 17:1-19
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Ten lepers… ten healings …only one returns. One hundred percent were healed of their ailment… only ten percent gave credit where credit was due. The percentage is probably about the same today. Many come to Jesus for healing. Those who come will be healed in some way. Many will turn quickly and do what Jesus asked them to do. But when it comes to gratitude… praise… falling at his feet to give thanks, many become few.

If I could stand on one soap box and preach, it would be this gratitude issue. So many of us enjoying and reaping blessing after blessing coming straight down from the Father. So few of us returning thanks. A lack of gratitude causes dis-ease in us. We find ourselves complaining and discontent in the place we are in at the moment.

Today, be one of the few. Write down five things you are thankful for this very moment. Make this day a day of gratitude.

Father God, help me to receive everything You bring into my life with thanks.
I do not want to suffer the dis-ease of ingratitude.

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