The Challenge — Day 112

Today’s Scripture: Luke 15:11-32
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Consider the people in this parable… the youngest son, oldest son, the father. Which one do you find yourself most like?

Are you the father trying to make the best decision to parent your child? Have they run away from home and you are in a time of waiting? Maybe you are rejoicing as you look up the road and find a glimpse of them?

Could it be you are more like the youngest son? Wanting what you want when you want it. Have you spent things you wish you had back? Have you found yourself amidst the pig slop and want to go home?

The oldest son was obedient from the beginning… always paying his dues on time. Maybe you are most like him. Do you feel overlooked, taken advantage of in some way? Have you become bitter or indignant towards the ones who seem to receive no punishment?

I have identified with each person in some way at some point in my life. I’ve been a waiting parent, a reckless younger brother, and a bitter older one too. There is good news in this story for each one: a parent doesn’t have to wait forever… you can return home… and your inheritance, the one you didn’t squander because of your obedience, is still there. But the best news is the truth revealed through the parable. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us and longs for relationship with us.

Father God, I love that You are waiting for me to return.
I love that You are willing to receive me when I finally understand my need.
Open my heart to every waiting parent, lost child, and self-righteous individual.
May I love them as You do, receive them as You do, with joy and celebration
when they find their way to You.

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