The Challenge — Day 111

Today’s Scripture: Luke 14:25-15:10
(Click on the link to read today’s scripture.)

The Greek word for repentance means “to turn” as in to turn from evil and towards good. Sometimes we get confession and repentance confused. Admitting our sin is the first step in repentance, but it is not the only step. Turning from the sin towards God is the true meaning of repentance.

Do you have a sin in your life that keeps coming up? You find yourself confessing the same thing over and over. What is something you can do to turn from the sin today.

Lord, every sin I commit increases Your pain on the cross.
Fill my heart with the reality of Your love for me —
the love that held You to the cross.
Grow me to love You as much as You love me,
then I will sacrifice my wants for You
and turn from my sin.

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