The Challenge — Day 107

Today’s Scripture: Luke 12:35-59
(Click on the link to read these verses.)

Just this morning my husband sent me an e-mail about end times. He asked me, “What do you think?” Many wonder if we are living in the end times. The disciples wondered too. Those Jesus taught asked questions about it often: “When is your kingdom coming?” “How will we know the time?”

These are two thousand year old questions. Jesus said even He did not know the hour or day, only Father God knows. Jesus tells us in this portion of Luke to be ready. That’s it… just be ready. Be dressed for action. Have your lamp lit. Be ready.

Drawing closer to Jesus is the only way to be ready. The truth is He’s here today in this moment… right now. What can you do today to draw closer to Him?

Father God, show me the areas in my life where I am not ready for Jesus’s return.
Prepare my heart to receive correction and respond with obedience.
Fill my spirit with the urgency of Your coming Kingdom.
Fuel my desire to draw closer to You.
I so want to be ready…

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