The Challenge — Day 104

Today’s Scripture: Luke 11:24-54
(Click on the link to read the scripture.)

Jesus is clearly not too happy with the religious leaders. His words like arrows hitting a bullseye when it comes to their hearts. Basically they were all about making it hard to get to God. Rule after rule to obey kept people out. It was like lighting a lamp, placing it in a closet and shutting the door. A mile long list of rules kept them from drawing close to the light.

I would like to think that I’m different. Some days I am. Others… not so much. I have my own list of rules. Reasons why some are welcome to the light… others aren’t. Let’s call it what it is… judgment.

Do you have the same tendency I do to judge others? Pay attention to your thoughts about others today. What are they revealing to you?

Lord, replace my list of rules with love.
Love for You and love for others.

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