The Challenge–Day 1

Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 1: 1-24
(If you don’t have a Bible handy just click on the link to read the scripture.)

Joseph had a plan. We all have plans…plans for our lives…the month…even a list for the day. Consider your plans for the day.

God had a different plan for Joseph. When you look at your plans for today, is there something God might change? What might He be leading you to do differently?

Father God, You sent Jesus so that You might be with us
and we with You. From the beginning You’ve had a plan…
generation… to generation… to generation… 
You’ve been fulfilling Your plan.
Work in me to bring my plans into alignment with Yours.
Not just today, but everyday of this challenge.
Work in me so that I might live for You and Your plan,
remembering You are with me, every step of the way.

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