The Bethlehem Star

The Christmas Star as we know it revealed the birth of Jesus to the biblical Magi and later led them to Bethlehem. Scholars debate whether the “Star of Bethlehem” is a legend created by the early church or a miracle.

As a child, I never doubted the Star that led the humble shepherds to the manger. This had to be a Big Event! An amazing way for God to tell His story… The realness of shepherds minding their own business seemed very logical — after all, that was a part of my name. Of course, they were shocked and frightened. Why wouldn’t they be, they were just innocent shepherds?

The heavens are very real to a country girl like me. A God of wonders and a God of love could do this — or almost anything! The Magi — these intelligent learned men — had discovered a part of the Truth which would be revealed to humankind on earth! This seemed to add to the mystery of what would come to pass.

The Star was part of God’s great revelation of His love and purpose. It was by no means magic. It was part of the role of the heavens revealing His glory, power, and might. It was the Truth of who God is, and how much He cares for His creation!

The Star of Bethlehem changed everything — a revelation coming to earth to change us. Prophecy had now begun to reach you and me. Praise the Lord for bringing to us a knowledge of the God of Wonders and the Hope of Salvation.

Enid Doris Shepard

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