Songs of Praise: Psalms 99-101

Psalms 99-101
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Know that the Lord, he is God!
Psalm 100:3
Do you know that the Lord is God? 
Is it revealed in the way you live?
Those who know He is God have an awe and respect for who He is. They have a proper fear of the Lord in their hearts. They praise Him as awesome, they call on His name, they trust Him to avenge all wrong done to them.
Those who know He is God praise Him and serve Him with joy! They know their life is not their own. With great thanks, they are happy to belong to Him. To serve Him.
Those who know He is God pursue holiness, obedience to His Word. They know He is God and He defines what is right and wrong. They reject the culture’s definition of good. They walk with integrity whether in public or private. They hate evil.
Do you know the Lord is God?
Does your life reveal what you know?
Lord, reveal the places in my life where I fail to live in a way that shows I know You are God. Make my heart tender to Your conviction. Bless me with a teachable repentant heart.
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