Songs of Praise: Psalms 42-43

Read today’s songs: Psalms 42-43
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As a deer pants for flowing streams,
so pants my soul for you, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
Psalm 42:1-2 ESV
David knew, that like a deer thirsting for life-giving water, his thirst was for a life-giving God. He was dismayed, disheartened, depressed. His enemies surrounded him and taunted him. And these things caused him to be sidetracked, his focus turned from God to his troubles. (Surely this never happens to us). 
Driven by an urging as strong as the need for water to a dehydrated body, he knew, in his mind, heart, and soul what he needed, what he had to have, would only come from God. He calls it deep calling to deep. A magnificent God calling to the depths of David’s heart. No shallow understanding of his God and Lord would work for him. In other words, he desired to do whatever it took to be closer to God.
Reminds me of the ocean. You can stand in a foot of water at the shore and see sand and maybe a crab or two. Or you can put on fins and a snorkel and swim out where it’s deeper and explore and see things you never imagined existed. 
Can you imagine the things you would find out about God by going deeper in His Word? How would it impact your perception of the issues you face today?
David found comfort in the things he knew and the things he discovered about God.
This song by Steven Curtis Chapman, speaks to our fears being overridden by our desire to go deeper. Here are the lyrics.
The long awaited rains
Have fallen hard upon the thirsty ground
And carved their way to where
The wild and rushing river can be found
And like the rain
I have been carried here to where the river flows, yeah
My heart is racing and my knees are weak
As I walk to the edge
I know there is no turning back
Once my feet have left the ledge
And in the rush I hear a voice
That’s telling me it’s time to take the leap of faith
So here I go

There is a supernatural power
In this mighty river’s flow
It can bring the dead to life
And it can fill an empty soul
And give a heart the only thing
Worth living and worth dying for, yeah
But we will never know the awesome power
Of the grace of God
Until we let ourselves get swept away
Into this holy flood
So if you’ll take my hand
We’ll close our eyes and count to three
And take the leap of faith
Come on let’s go

I’m diving in, I’m going deep, In over my head I want to be
Caught in the rush, tossed in the flow, in over my head I want to go
The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive
So sink or swim, I’m diving in, yeah”

So … One, two, three… Come dive in with me… let’s go!
Get deep and explore the Scriptures — the living, life-giving, Word of God.

Lord, bless me with a deep thirst for You.
Drive me to dive deep into Your Word.
Fill me with the life-giving peace of Your Spirit.

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