Songs of Praise: Psalm 68

We continue to praise Him with songs in Psalm 68: The Message.
Read today’s psalm in the version of the Bible you have handy, then click on the link to read it in The Message.

The Message is not really a translation like the New International Version or the English Standard Version. It is a paraphrase, and sometimes reading it can shed light, or inspire in new ways. As I read Psalm 68 in The Message the names of God filled me with hope and joy. 
Consider the names the psalmist calls God in these verses:
Father of orphans
Champion of widows

Sovereign God… Lord… Savior


King… High God

High God of Israel

Reread them. Maybe once more. Which name will you call Him today? Do these names inspire you to make a list of your own? Go ahead, write them down. Relish the joy of calling on the name of the Lord.

Praise Him, tell Him how great He is, using the names which speak most directly to your heart today.

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