Songs of Praise: Psalm 57-58

Psalm 57-58
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I am surrounded by fierce lions
    who greedily devour human prey—
whose teeth pierce like spears and arrows,
    and whose tongues cut like swords.
Psalm 57:4
Thoughts of Daniel in the lion’s den come to mind. Read Daniel 6:10-24.

What an awesome, inspiring story. Daniel, doing nothing wrong, is accused of worshiping God and not the king. There was a temporary law imposed concerning the worship of anyone other than the king of Daniel’s exile. It included a death sentence.

His enemies made sure the king knew what Daniel was doing. And the king had no choice but to throw Daniel to the lions. I’m sure Daniel and David had similar thoughts concerning the lions… fierce, greedy to devour human prey, with big and dangerous teeth that cut like swords. 
The king waited during the night, unable to eat or sleep wondering if Daniel’s God could, or would, deliver him from the den. And, yes, when the cave was opened in the morning, Daniel was alive. Then the king sent Daniel’s enemies to the lions.
Two very similar stories. The enemies hate and scheme and try to destroy but though it might not happen instantly, God, in His timing, saves the faithful.
What a great lesson for us. Yes, we too have problems and sometimes enemies. Yes, we will have to wait patiently on the Lord and His timing. Yes, it’s often uncomfortable and not accomplished as quickly as we would like. But the bottom line is, it’s all about trusting in God.

And again the warning, God will rescue the faithful and woe to the foolish.

Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens!
May your glory shine over all the earth.
My enemies have set a trap for me.
I am weary from distress.
They have dug a deep pit in my path,
but they themselves have fallen into it.
Psalm 57:5-6

Lord, be exalted in my life through praise and thanks,
even in the midst of attack. Remind me, faithfulness to You
always pays off, and the unfaithful come to an end.
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