Songs of Praise: Psalm 47-48

Our songs of praise continue with Psalm 47-48.
Click on the link to read the Scripture.

After you’ve read the Scripture from the link above, take a moment to read it in another version of the Bible. Here is a link to The Message version: Psalm 47-48 The Message.

Now, read it again, but this time out loud. It may feel a bit different… even a little challenging. If you’re feeling a bit silly, whisper it, or go outside where no one can hear.

I’m so thankful for the writers who poured their heart and souls out in the book we call Psalms. What courage it must have taken to create songs to be sung in worship. It seems so personal. We may not be song writers, or even good singers, but we can be good at praise. It will take practice to move praise from our thoughts to our lips, but let’s determine to praise God anew this weekend.

Practice praising God by choosing one of His attributes. Then look up the definition to get a clearer picture of who He is. Pray a prayer of praise, tell Him how great He is according to the attribute you looked up and what you learned about Him.
Lord, I praise You because You are ___________________.
Because You are ______________________
I can ____________________ You.

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