Songs of Praise: Psalm 36

Psalm 36
Be prepared to pray a song of praise, open up the Word in the Bible or online by clicking the reference above.

Psalm 36 confirms that life and light come from God. It speaks of absence of fear of God in the heart as the source of transgressions. And in His steadfast love, God saves both humans and animals alike.

Never forget, the Psalms are prayers. Let’s pray this prayer of praise along with the psalmist today.

Lord, I pray for the blessing of Your love on all those who live in fellowship with You. May Your divine judgment be on those who reject You. The wicked seem to have no reverence for You, O God. They do not fear Your judgment. They devote themselves to mischief and deceit.

The depravity of humankind does not rule the universe, but only Your steadfast love, O God. From Your living Spirit all life flows. The light of Your presence shines on the people of God.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. How precious, O God, is Your constant love! Because of Your love we see the light.
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