Songs of Praise: Psalm 35

Psalm 35
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This is a petition for God’s help against enemies, in what seems to be both social and legal difficulties. The psalmist complains about personal crises with an expression of innocence and vows to praise God.

We may not all have flesh and blood enemies we are facing, but we all have a spiritual enemy who longs to devour us (Ephesians 6:10-12). Satan wants us filled with fear, beat up, and paralyzed, spiritually and emotionally, to hinder us from working to bring God’s Kingdom on earth.

Today, whatever your hurt, whatever your current battles, recognize the one behind the scenes working to do you harm. Join the psalmist in pouring out your wounded heart to God:

Wounded, I am suffering, with hurt feelings and bruised soul.
Yet, I will not be angry. Lord, take Your shield and armor
and come to my rescue, for evil surrounds me.
People seem to pay me back evil for good.
You are righteous, O Lord, so declare me innocent. 
Don’t let my enemies gloat, rather let them be defeated and confused.
Then I will proclaim Your righteousness
and I will praise You all day long. 

How great is the Lord! God’s presence is the fountain of life. How great is the Lord!

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