Songs of Praise: Psalm 23-24

Psalm 23-24
Some psalms are just worth memorizing, Psalm 23 is one of those. Consider opening your Bible today and writing Psalm 23 on a note card and begin storing it in your heart. To read online, click the reference above.

Psalm 23 suggests a metaphorical closeness to God. God’s care for people as sheep is frequently used. Psalm 24 is a liturgical hymn that opens with a profession that all the world belongs to God, the Sovereign Creator. Then a listing of moral, not ritual, qualifications for worshipers.

Who wouldn’t wish for a host to guide us through life and shepherd us in the right paths — that is the kind of God we have. He gives us new strength, blesses us and points the way to salvation. The Lord is my Shepherd that’s all I want, for we are under His protection.

He is our anchor; the King of Glory whose power and authority are unlimited. He is the Lord strong and mighty. All the world belongs to God our Creator. Right relationship with God and with others is the instruction.

Lord, You are my Shepherd and my King. In Christ You’ve made the way for me to ascend Your holy hill. May I always follow Your lead and bless You in all I do, so I may know Your blessing too.

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