Songs of Praise: Psalm 17

Psalm 17
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In this psalm, an innocent individual asks God for attention and protection from threatening enemies. The psalmist’s steps have held fast to God’s paths and he is certain of deliverance. It is a petition for personal protection.

Make this psalm your prayer today:

Heavenly Father, You know what is right and you know my heart. You have completely examined me. I have obeyed your command and walked in Your way. Save me and reveal Your wonderful love. Wherever I turn there are those who would pull me down. Defeat my enemies and save me from the wicked. 

This is my prayer of deliverance. Give ear to my prayer. It is not from deceitful lips. Show me Your loving kindness and keep me as the “apple of Your eye.” I shall behold Your face in righteousness.

Loving God, thank You for Your incredible grace. May the life I lead reflect the grace You offer every day. Amen.

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