Songs of Praise: Psalm 148-150

Today we complete our reading of Psalms with Psalm 148-150. (Click on the link to read God’s Word.)

As we near the end of Psalms the writer continues to use one phrase more and more. It’s as if he wants to make sure all who read know exactly how to end a book, or a season, or even a single day. Praise is the best way to finish what we start.

It’s Wednesday evening as I write this. One of my last official work days as a staff member of this church. I’ll still be around helping those who are continuing the ministry, teaching, and singing, worshiping with my church family. As this day and season come to a close, I feel compelled to write my song of praise.

Praise the Lord!

Praise Him for the preacher who gave me a chance so long ago. For the grace of a congregation who allowed me to take risks and try new things and fail.

Praise the Lord!

Praise Him for those who have given their time to teach and invest in the youth and children in our church and congregation. For kids and youth to teach.

Praise Him all You People!

For the facility we worshiped in for many years and the new one we worship in now. For the leadership of those who worked diligently to get us to this new place.

Praise the Lord!

For the seven plus preachers who I have served under and the staff I’ve been blessed to walk along side. For the times when all seemed right, and the times nothing was going my way.

Praise Him Church!

For love and laughter and babies crying in the sanctuary. For the breaking of bread and wine with the ones I call my church family.

Praise the Lord!

For the setting of the sun and the closing of a season.  For the beautiful opportunity to work and grow and love. For new beginnings and new leaders.

Praise Him all you People! Praise the Lord!


[Feature Image Photo seen on website by Aaron Burden on Unsplash]

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