Songs of Praise: Psalm 136

Read Psalm 136 and remember His steadfast love endures forever.

There are days you wake up to hear news you don’t want to hear. Yesterday was one of those days. News of the massacre in Las Vegas has me feeling sad. My middle son responded, “Why? I need to know why someone would do this?”

I know why. Because this world is a broken hot mess. We’re in need of a Savior… not a perfect president or program… nor another look at safety or security. No, our world needs the God we are reminded of in this psalm. A great wonder-working God capable of creating the universe, striking down our enemies, and rescuing us from our lowly state.

With every verse he writes, the psalmist proclaims, His steadfast love endures forever.

No tragedy will change this truth.

Let me challenge you today. With every discussion you have, good or bad, respond with the writer’s words.

His love endures forever.

Father God, no matter what kind of mess we make in our lives or in the world, Your steadfast love endures forever. Remind me of this truth. Place it in my heart and on my lips so I can remind others. Your steadfast love endures forever!

[Feature Image Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash]

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