Songs of Praise: Psalm 119:73-96

We continue today with Psalm 119:73-96. (Click on the link to read His Word.)

I have seen a limit to all perfection,
but your commandment is exceedingly broad.

Psalm 119:96

Perfection in this verse is not attributed to God. You might substitute the word complete in the sentence. In other words… I have seen a limit to all earthly completion.

In contrast God’s Word is described as exceedingly broad, limitless, without end.

We don’t tend to view rules, law, or commandments this way. Instead we often see them as a boundary, something to be pushed back or jumped over. Consider your attitude towards speed limit signs. Do you consider it a suggestion? Something you don’t follow and hope to not get caught?

Believing God’s law is broad seems upside down. How can boundaries bring us more and more freedom? It’s a mystery, but no less true. Walking in His way, following His commands ushers us into boundless freedom.

Father God, show me where I resist Your Way because it seems constricting. Bless me with the faith to trust You. To obey. And experience the freedom You promise through Your law.

[Featured Image Photo seen on website by George Huffman on Unsplash]

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