Songs of Praise: Psalm 105

Read today’s Song of Praise: Psalm 105
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Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!
Psalm 105:3-4
Seek the Lord…

Three times at the beginning of the psalm, the psalmist uses the word seek in reference to the Lord. What are you seeking? Peace? Comfort? Freedom? Wealth? Status? Happiness? Security? Love?
The writer tells us, those who seek the Lord, who praise and glorify His name, His character, are filled with joy.
Are you on a hunt for Him? His strength? His presence?
In the moment He captured my heart, the focus of my life changed and I began seeking Him. In His Word. In prayer. I wanted to know who He was. I wanted to be available to Him. I wanted to know He was near.
That was over twenty years ago. I seek after Him even harder today than I did then. I long for His strength. Require it really. I long for His presence. The knowledge of His work and sovereignty in my life and the world.
Our psalm today gives a synopsis of the Israelites’ history with God from Abraham to Joseph to Moses to the Promised Land. In ups and downs. In battle and victory. In injustice and salvation. They sought the Lord. And He is found to be faithful.
I’ve found Him faithful too. In ups and downs. Heartache and joy. He is my strength. He is the One I praise. For in Him I have found: Peace. Joy. Security. Comfort. Purpose. Love. He is the One thing we are to find while we are here on earth. He is the only One who can fill and satisfy all we think we need. 
Seek the Lord…

Seek Him as treasure. Seek hard. Seek Him in His Word. In prayer. In the everyday moments of your life. He alone makes it all worthwhile.
Lord, today I pray for those who read these words.
Move them to seek You. Capture their hearts in a new way.
May they know the joy, peace, comfort, and love
of Your continual presence in their lives.
Fill their hearts with praise.

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