Songs of Praise: Psalm 104

Today we see creation through the eyes of the psalmist. Read Psalm 104.
(Click on the link to read the verses.)

Let’s try something new. A way to read Scripture called Lectio Divina. This is a way to meditate on His Word and listen to what the Spirit is saying to you.

The process involves re-reading the Scripture. Maybe once. Maybe twice. Listening for a word, phrase, or verse which seems to catch your attention.

As you re-read Psalm 104 consider the works of God and the following questions:

  • What grabs your attention about how the writer views creation?
  • Did you notice anything new? Did a phrase or word rise to the surface and speak to you in some way?
  • What is God revealing to you through His word?
  • Is there something God is calling you to do?

As I practiced this exercise, this phrase kept jumping out at me.

All creatures look to you
to give them their food at the proper time.
Psalm 104:27

I guess I’ve never considered the hunting lion or the seed gathering squirrel looking to God for food at the proper time, but it makes sense. The lion’s hunting instinct tells it when to hunt. The squirrel stores all summer for the winter. If animals can trust God to provide all they need at the proper time, then the question becomes… Do I?

It seems like an easy question, and I would like to answer a definitive yes. But, the question goes deeper than talking about trust. The question leaves me asking, Do I act like I trust Him. Because faith without works is not much faith at all, and the proof of belief is in the action. 
This Scripture exercise has encouraged me to look at my actions this week and see. See if what I do matches what I say.

Go ahead. Now try it yourself. See what He wants to reveal to you.

Father God, open my eyes, ears, and heart to what You want to tell to me today.

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