Satuday’s Sabbath Moment

Just glancing at the date sends me into a panic. Only eleven more days to get all those things done. I usually begin the season with a list of December’s Eve Resolutions:

  • I will not hurry so much this year that I don’t enjoy the season.
  • I am going to make that special gift for my friend.
  • All the presents are gonna be wrapped before Christmas Eve this year.

The season begins OK, but somewhere around this time I think about my list and realize I’ve done it again. I haven’t taken the time to do just what I resolved to do in the beginning. And so today let’s just take a break from the wrapping and the going. It will be there when we get done.

Today, let’s take a few hours to share God’s love in some way. Maybe you could go visit an elderly neighbor or bake a special treat for someone who has inspired you this year. Have your children hand-make a few Christmas cards to send to those who are shut-in for the season. Take a walk in the park. Play a game of Uno with the kids.

Sharing God’s love with others is just what Jesus commanded us to do. Whoever said it is better to give than receive was right. But I think it goes farther than that. When we love others…we are showing God just how much we love Him.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.—Matthew 25: 40

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