Sacred Words for the Season

An Introduction to the 2013 Advent Devotional
I heard it on the radio May 2012.  Two voices discussing words they had chosen for the year as a spiritual focus.  I was a little let down because it was already May and I had missed this idea… and it was a great one.  I filed it away somewhere in the back of my mind for 2013.
Two weeks before Christmas and the thought comes to mind.  What word would you choose for 2013?  Some type of spiritual focus for an entire year.  I had no idea and so I waited… for a Holy Spirit inspired vocabulary word.  One week after Christmas… on the brink of a brand new year… I chose a word not only for me but the four who live under my roof as well. 
I often tell my friend Carol that I believe Webster’s is a holy book.  I am always astonished by the things I can learn by simply looking up the definition of the word. 
This word that has become my focus for the year hangs on the front door.  I read it every time I leave the house.  As I look back over this year’s journey I can tell you I have had so many emotions as I have read that word.  I’ve been encouraged and convicted.  I’ve been reminded when I lost focus.  I’ve prayed for those who close the door embarking on a new journey.  I’ve argued with God over what it meant.  Thought long and hard over what it must look like in my life.  Praised Him on the few days I got it right.
I shared this new idea with a few of my friends at Bible study, work… mini-Methodists.  They too were inspired and have words of their own.  You will find most of them in the pages of this devotional,  Sacred Words for the Season.  Though we didn’t realize it then God would not only use those words to help us individually grow, He would use the words to encourage a church family to grow.
My word for the year… Presence.  And it dawns on me that this word thing has come full circle.  The season when we celebrate the presence of God in human skin.  One of Webster’s definitions of presence is something present of a visible or concrete nature.   An invisible God becoming visible, concrete… a baby. 
My prayer for you this Advent season is that you might remain in the holy presence of Jesus… as you work… play… wrap gifts… sing songs.  May Jesus be more visible… more concrete… more present than ever before.

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