Sabbath Challenge — Day 61

Today’s Scripture: Mark 7:14-37
(It’s Sunday, we usually have a little more time to linger over His Word. You may want a Bible in your hands today, but if not, click the Scripture reference to read online.)

Only the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse the heart of sin and make us new creations in Christ.

From the individual’s heart comes evil things that make one unclean — evil ideas and immoral acts.

Jesus brought forth healing from His heart: casting out a demon from the Gentile’s daughter, opening the ears and mouth of a deaf-mute.

Take a moment to examine your own heart.
What comes out of it: good or evil? healing or harm?
Are you living out the reality of being a new creation in Christ? Or are you continuing to let the old man rule in your heart?

Place all your actions and words from the past week before the cross.
Ask Him to redeem and restore the harm you have done to yourself and others.
Ask Him to show you how He wants to use you to bring healing to a hurting world.
Offer a prayer of repentance and thanksgiving.

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