Sabbath Challenge — Day 54

Today’s scripture: Mark 3:22-4:9
[Read the scripture on by clicking the reference above, if you don’t have a Bible with you.]

Jesus taught the crowds many things by the use of parables (earthly stories with a heavenly meaning) to help explain spiritual truths about “The Kingdom of God.”

His message was powerful for those with ears to hear. But for those who could not it was confusing, or even offensive.

The religious leaders accused Him of being empowered by the devil, because they were unwilling to submit to His authority and refused to believe.

Would you have believed that His ideas were truly revealed wisdom from God?

Take a few extra moments this day and ask God to reveal areas of unbelief and rebellion in your heart.
List them as they come to mind.
Consider whether you will choose to believe what He says about you.
Respond to His word to you.

Father God, I pray for ears to hear and recognize 
Your revealed wisdom from Your Word. 
Prepare my heart to submit to Your authority 
and cast out unbelief from my heart.

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