Sabbath Challenge–Day 47

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 27:24-44
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Can you imagine standing among the people to get a glimpse of what was going on that day? You heard about this man Jesus. People couldn’t quit talking about it. The miracles… healings… the angry leaders… and now crucifixion.

Suddenly you find yourself carrying his cross. No longer are you a part of the crowd… you’re a part of the story. I wonder what Simon of Cyrene was thinking… what he felt.

I’m sure of what he didn’t know as he walked with the cross. He didn’t know that in three days a tomb would be found empty… an angel would bring good news to the women. He didn’t know a beaten wounded body that hung on the cross would be walking around in a few short hours. He didn’t know grave clothes would be left in the tomb. He… didn’t… know…

But we do. It’s Resurrection Sunday and we know what Simon didn’t.

He is not dead… he is alive!

Father God, thank You for Your great gift of grace!
Thank You, Jesus, for Your great gift of sacrifice!
Holy Spirit, thank You for the gift of knowledge!

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