Sabbath Challenge — Day 131

Today’s Scripture: Luke 24:36-53
(Click on the link to read the verses for today.)

And they worshiped him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy;
and they were continually in the temple blessing God.

It’s Sunday and I’m full of joy… great joy even. You see we have reason to celebrate. This is our final reading for Luke. In fact, we are only 39 days from reading through all four Gospels. I can honestly say I’ve never read through them consecutively like this.
This reading idea formed during a Grow Team meeting as we considered how we might also celebrate the 170th birthday of our church. I can say that The Challenge was Holy Spirit inspired. I know it because in my most disciplined self I could not have written so many devotionals. I know it because on my own I rarely complete what I start.
So let us shout some praise:
…for His word and the freedom to read it…
…for His inspiration…
…for His faithfulness to complete the good works He begins in us…
…for the church and body of Christ…
…for the transformation happening in our lives and the lives of others…

You might be thinking… uhhh, Stacy, we are not done yet. I know, my favorite Gospel still awaits. And I’m passing the devotional writing for this one to my friend Carol. So let’s keep going. I cannot wait to see what the Gospel of John has in store for us.

You bless us with peace, Lord, may we bless You with worship and praise.
Continue to make the way for us to complete the journey we have begun.
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